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Rhyzo Technology

Amidst the surging interest in harnessing the consciousness-expanding possibilities of psychedelic mushrooms, we're pioneering a range of mycotech products tailored for diverse needs. We aim to simplify the control of essential cultivation processes while retaining the creative strand that is central to the mushroom cultivation community. Culinary, or medicinal, our technology will save you time, money, and frustration. With advanced features for experienced growers and user-friendly setups for beginners, these mycotech innovations ensure reliable successes. By fostering a deeper connection between our cultivators, and their passions, we empower individuals to safely explore their potential for profound encounters.

Learn More about the products we are planning here.

The Rhyzo Forum

We are building a transformative new forum that revitalizes modernism within the online mycological community, uniting enthusiasts, experts, and newcomers in a vibrant and inclusive digital space. Our commitment to accessibility, dynamic interaction, and interdisciplinary collaboration is fostering a thriving community where mycology is explored, shared, and celebrated, leading to groundbreaking discoveries and enriching the collective understanding of fungi cultivation. We celebrate a growing space where the biggest advancements are made by members themselves.

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Rhyzo Workshop

We are currently hosting a workshop in central Austin, now available for anyone to join. We will cover a bird's eye view of the history, biology, and legality of psilocybin mushrooms across the globe before exploring cultivation methods that have developed over the years, including the beginner-friendly PF Tek method.

To sign up for the event, check out our event signup page here.

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